I believe… Revisited

As I look through these I believe statements that I wrote, I feel that I still think they are all important. However, I think some do need to be added to them and others expanded upon.

One that needs to be added is I believe that journalists who have been trained in the field are vital for the field. As we move into the realm of more and more citizen journalism, we need to have trained professionals that really understand the importance of fact checking, being fair, and getting deeper than the surface on the issues.

That brings me to a point that needs to be expanded upon. I started the semester saying I believe that the future of news is going to be almost entirely on digital platforms that are created more and more by citizen journalists. I would add that this may not be all positive, as less and less professional journalists are paid for their work, people may get more careless with their choices in stories. These decisions could greatly affect the role of news in important issues.

Another statement that needs some additions is, “I believe that the best journalism provides detailed background information on the topics that it covers, and illustrates the importance of this coverage to its audience.” Here there is a need for the addition of providing fair and detailed information throughout the story. While it is only a few words, there is immense weight in them. If a journalist wants to have great work, they must be willing to cover all sides of an issue. 


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