I Believe Revisited

When looking back at my “I believe” assignment from the beginning of the semester, I acknowledge that my viewpoint of journalism has changed somewhat. At first, since I had four years of journalism experience from high school and my community college, I thought I would definitely work for a professional publication someday. While I still think that this would be really cool and an incredible accomplishment, I cannot see myself being a full-time journalist at any point in my life. This is because I have realized the occupation is really competitive and requires a lot of negotiation that I am uncomfortable with, such as in regard to pay and interviews. I now see myself working in a media-related profession where I can use my Communication Studies degree, but not necessarily as a reporter.

On the other hand, lots of what I said at the beginning of the semester still holds true. I still think that the most challenging part of being a journalist is making stories both factual and interesting to appeal to both publishers and readers. My greatest strength as a writer, I believe, is still my organization and structure. I also still see the future of journalism being very visual, with all stories accompanied to a video or photo. I still think that the ability for everyone to publish themselves on the internet is a threat to journalists across the country, since people are willing to write and spread their stories for free. I also see a shift in consumption from print to social media platforms to be true. With all this being said, I do not think the journalism industry is dying as some people suggest, but instead transforming into a more accessible platform.

All in all, this class taught me a ton about what it means to be a journalist and the responsibility attached to the career. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from two professional journalists who have real-life experience, and I will retain the knowledge learned for years to come.


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