I Believe – Revisited

As I look back on the beliefs I had on journalism in the beginning of the semester, I realize now that I learned many things in the class that have changed these beliefs.

For example, I previously believed that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations was the size of their potential audience, and it being broader than ever. Now, especially by learning more about investigative journalism and how to write an article ourselves, I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations is the size of their potential sources and interviewees. With the internet and technology in this day and age, this supply is unlimited, and a lot of deep digging can happen thanks to it. The recent event with the Panama Papers and the panel on the coverage of Flint helped me put this belief into perspective.

Another previous belief I held was that “the best journalism encourages the reader to ask him or herself questions about the topic presented and affect how the reader acts, thinks, or feels after they have read the article”. To tweak what I originally believed, now I believe that the best journalism is a new story, a new angle, and a new question that is brought upon a topic that was never brought up before.

To ask hard hitting questions is very hard, and that is a belief that didn’t change for me.




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