What I believe(d)

My view of journalism has changed greatly since the beginning of this semester. Before I took this course and worked on my news articles, I thought the most challenging thing about being a journalist was “knowing where to start.” Although I agree with my former viewpoint in the sense that one needs to have an idea on where the story might lead, this actually happens naturally over time and research. That being said, I now believe the most challenging part of journalism is the time commitment and scheduling aspects it encompasses.For me it was difficult to balance school, work, and finding the time to schedule interviews with those who had similar schedules as myself.

Something else I was surprised by, then, was the lack of emphasis on the actual writing of a piece. The research, presentation and structure of the writing proved to be much more important than the actual writing itself. I think my perspective coming into this class was that journalists had “a way with words,” so to speak, and that eloquence and writing ability was the most important aspect of telling a story. What I believe now, however, is completely different. Although it is important for journalists to maintain a certain level of professionalism and writing style, the stories themselves are much more important and it is not the journalist’s job to shape the story based on their own words, but rather with the words of the people involved in the story itself. This shift in perspective was quite profound for me and helped me better understand the idea of “bias” in journalism and why it should not have a place in reporting on most environmental news issues. The truth has a way of showing itself to the readers- it does not need the opinions of the author for it to resonate. This has probably been the greatest lesson of all.



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