What I Now Believe

Earlier in the semester, I submitted my beliefs about journalism with this statement:

I believe that the biggest problem with journalism today is the desire to appeal to people’s fear in order to receive acknowledgement.

However, as a student of Environ 320, I have changed my opinion on the biggest challenge for journalism to be competing with freelancers.  In the NYT article, Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs, the quote, “And hardly a week goes by without a call from journalists around the country seeking advice about starting their own online news outlets,” exemplifies the trend of individualistic styles of reporting.  As a result, the news industry will deteriorate as journalism will grow to be an independent career and won’t require a principal employer.  

Also, in class, we had many discussions on how social media and other news platforms serve as news sources for some people.  This medium of news is more preferred for these users because there is one site that aggregates all kinds of stories and is a site for sharing as well.  There are many versions of this type of news accumulation, such as the feature on iPhones and Google.  These methods will become more popular because of its convenience and people’s persistent use of them for other reasons.  

This class taught me a lot on how analyze the news as opposed to simply digesting it.  I now notice the amount of perspectives in a piece, the strength of the ledes, and the use of the quotes.  As a journalist, I came across many challenges such as contacting certain people and communicating the relevancy of my idea.  For the future, I will be more consistent with reading the news and continue to use the techniques I learned to asses news sources.  


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