“I Believe” Changes

In September, for the “I Believe” assignment, I stated that:

that the biggest problem with journalism today is keeping up with technological innovation. Whether it is a popular app or new product, journalists and news organizations need to be able to stay ahead of trends.

While this is still true, especially with print news organizations losing revenue or going out of business, I think a bigger problem is how journalists are covering the news.

After the election, nearly every media company was dumbfounded by the results. No one expected Donald Trump to become president-elect. The key problem facing journalists was that they were not covering a significant group of people and their opinions. These news organizations are now viewed as less reliable to many and now need to figure out how to correctly cover news topics without misrepresentation.

I now believe that the biggest problem facing journalism today is representing subjects fairly and without bias. This will take research on behalf of the media as well as changes in reporting, but it is necessary to keep the news factual.


About Erin Dolan

I am a junior at the University of Michigan with an International Studies major and Sustainability minor.

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