I Believe Reflection

While reading my I believe statements from the beginning of the semester, the first thing I notice is how much the results of the election has influenced the things I believe about the news and journalism.  The news reassured me time and time again that Hilary Clinton would win the election, and I trusted it whole heartedly.  I have moved on from the election results (mostly), but the experience has truly impacted the way I look at news.  Though at the beginning of the semester I considered myself a critical reader of news, I always assumed that for the big, important issues, the general public could trust the news.  I do not believe thats true anymore.  Its an interesting and fortunate coincidence that I happened to take a journalism class the same semester a national event occurred that had the magnitude to change my perspective on news.  Like I said in my statements from the beginning of the semester:

I believe that adhering to truth and honesty is the most important purpose/value I hold in my life.

And I still stand by this statement.  Therefore, I am glad to have witnessed this election with assistance of the class so I can now be even more aware of the false truths that circulate the news.





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