“I Believe” Reflection

Looking back at my “I believe” statements from the beginning of the semester, I can’t help but notice that although my beliefs haven’t changed much, I’ve learned much more about the intricacies of journalism.

Initially, I stated that “that the best journalism portrays original ideas in an interesting way, but is based on statistics and fact.”  I really had no idea, going into this class, how hard it is to balance having an interesting and engaging story, and backing up claims with statistics.  Too many stats could alienate readers who don’t understand or care about them, but too little stats could create doubt in readers’ minds.  I’ve really enjoyed learning about all of these little nuances in journalism.  I had no idea how much work went into each article, and I have a newfound appreciation for the world of journalism.

I also never really realized how difficult it would be to work as a freelance journalist right out of college with zero credentials.  It has been interesting to hear about all of the different paths which have led individuals into journalism (one woman worked on a fishing boat?).  I’m wondering if maybe my path may ultimately lead into journalism.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Anyways, I really enjoyed this class and it has been a valuable experience in reflecting on my original “I believe” statements.



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