“I Believe” Reflection

While I still agree with most of my “I Believe” statements from the beginning of the semester, I would like to revise one specific statement. I wrote:

“I believe that the news has become more accessible over time through technological advances.”

Although I don’t believe the statement to be incorrect, I don’t think it is only technological advances that has increased the accessibility of news. Throughout the course we’ve looked at many changes concerning what journalism looks like and what it means to be a journalist. Some of these changes include the movement from print to digital news, social media as news, participation by the public in news, and even the move to non-profit news sources as highlighted in the article, “Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs.” I would now say that I believe news has become more accessible over time through a complete news revolution. What “news” is has completely changed and consumers of news are no longer just consumers but active participants. This has contributed significantly to the accessibility of news because it generates an ongoing conversation. While technology has allowed for this to some degree,the entirely changing culture of news needs to be highlighted.

Many fear the declining role that professional journalism plays in news. While it is a significant change, it’s something that perhaps needs to be accepted. News has changed, and with it, the news industry. It will be interesting to see how the world of news continues to change and how it will look in the coming years.


About Genevieve

I am a senior at the University of Michigan studying Public Policy with a focus in Public Health

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