I Believe Reflection

A lot of the statements I made surrounding journalism at the beginning of the semester were actually pretty accurate. The media, as I’ve observed over the semester, has a huge role in what and how people consume news. The way a story is told impacts the way readers formulate their own opinions on a given topic. Unlike what I had thought in the beginning of the semester, journalism isn’t about balancing your own opinion and fact throughout a piece. Rather, it’s about presenting relevant facts, providing multiple perspectives and keeping your own biases out. Only some type of journalism, like editorials, will include some sort of opinion. I still agree that the greatest challenge is asking the right questions to get the information or reactions that you need. After conducting my own interviews, I realized how hard this actually was. The biggest problem with news doesn’t seem to be finding news that’s completely unbiased, but finding news that incorporates multiple different perspectives. There were definitely lots of perceptions about the news and journalism I had at the beginning of the semester that still hold through after taking this course. However, there are also various aspects of journalism that turned out to be different than what I had anticipated.


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