“I Believe” Reflection

Most of my beliefs about journalism still hold true from the beginning of the semester, but with an expanded understanding. I thought that the most challenging thing about being a journalist would be finding reliable sources, but I never thought about why it is sometimes difficult to reach out and contact people for a story. There is a lot more distrust in media than I originally thought, making it harder to gather important voices that would add to a story. At the same time, I was able to witness how journalists have twisted the words of a source and it made sense as to why people are hesitant to talk about their whole opinion or share so much. This also exemplified why making connections is so crucial in journalism and how growing your network is necessary.

I recognized that the future of news was through social media and electronic devices without noticing what this huge shift from print has caused. I didn’t know about how many huge news outlets have had to make employment cuts, having great impacts on the field. How much longer will news be in printed form?

This class has made me realize how journalism is crucial to our society and it worries me that the field is shrinking and short, click-bait articles are the only think keeping people interested in the news. With this new appreciation for journalism, I hope to share it with others and also pay more attention to what I am reading.


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