I Believe Revisted

I believe…

  1. that news and media have a very strong role in crafting and influencing beliefs in society.
  2. that the best journalism pushes boundaries and incites a strong reaction from its audience.
  3. that news is important to be taken with a grain of salt, especially nowadays with so much media and very little context for interpreting it.
  4. that the worst part about news today is that people do not take the time to understand it and reflect on it. Many subscribe to short news briefings that do not truly give a well rounded portrayal of events.
  5. that my greatest challenge as a journalist will be asking the right questions and guiding interviews. I often find it hard to be in uncomfortable conversations and hope that this course will help me develop this skill.
  6. that my greatest strength as a journalist is my inquisitive nature. I love to get lost in topics that I find interesting.
  7. that the future of news lies in online publications that are brief. It seems like people want to consume as much media as possible in a very short amount of time.
  8. that it is very difficult to write for the general public. Not everyone will agree and negative feedback is inevitable
  9. that biggest opportunity for news lies in technology. It is much easier to reach people online and news companies would benefit from utilizing this resource.
  10. that everyone can be a journalist if they take the initiative to find a story worth sharing, and the drive to do this in an effective, relevant manner.

These statements that I originally made do still hold true to what I believe now. Actually, a lot of what we have learned in this class has reinforced these ideas. In reference to “The Future of Journalism” article in The New York Times, these small online news cites are becoming increasingly popular and I also think that there is a huge market for online news. Not only is it cheaper but faster to distribute and gain traction than it is for print sources. This article brought up an interesting idea about taking the creation of news out of the business world and putting it into the non-profit world. As news has mostly always been run as business, this re-framing would revolutionize what is being written and who it is written for. I still am not sure if I think that this would be viable to support the future of journalism, but I do believe that online news publications are very critical for the survival of the news industry and that efficiency in accessibility of news is everything.

An important issue that does come with the large scale movement to online news is the ability to fact check it. Especially because a lot of people get their news from social media, people need to make sure that what they are reading is truthful. This may be an issue with this change is news media and it will be important for journalists and people who consume the news to emphasize the importance of facts.


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