My Beliefs: Before and After

With little journalism experience at the start of the semester, I relied on my consumption of news to guide my beliefs and ideals of journalism. While maintaining the same views and beliefs around the consumption of news, I believe I now have more experience to strengthen my beliefs around journalistic production.

Most of my beliefs centered around the idea that journalism should be a healthy mix of engaging, informative, and relevant. While I still believe this to be true, I have found that the source behind most journalism is passion and urgency and not all important news can always embody entertainment and importance.

I also explored my strengths and weaknesses in my personal journalistic beliefs. I have found that these haven’t changed much throughout the course of the semester. As I have been able to improve my writing skills as my journalism experience has grown, I have learned new ways to practice and improve my weaknesses. Despite growing and learning a lot this semester about journalism, and my greatest belief still is how important a role journalism plays in my life.



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