I Believe…Revisited

Going through my ‘I Believe’ list, not much has really changed individually. Some of them, I believe even more—lots of the election coverage has solidified my belief #3, “that the future of news will be to adapt as quickly as possible with culture and technology.” Lots of conversations are being had about false news, citizen journalism, and where to draw the line.

Specifically from the class, however, number six has been proven to be true, and tricky: “that the best journalism is accurate as well as interesting and relevant.” I’ve been having trouble with getting my feature to check all three boxes. This balance is one of the hardest things I’ve found with writing a good piece!

Furthermore, number eight, “that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is its increased accessibility to populations that didn’t see it before,” I think has been proven by a lot of our conversations with experts each week. Lots of the scientists are talking to each other, and corporations and other organizations speaking within and across, but it’s hard to find a harmony between different stakeholders in public health and environmental issues.

Ultimately, I think I came into this class with the right idea about my role as a citizen and potentially a journalist, but I learned some very valuable applications of these ideas and some more specific details that are going to be very helpful in moving forward in my professional and private lives, respectively.


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