I believe – Then and Now

Looking back on my “I Believe” assignment, there are still a lot of things that remain unchanged. I still firmly believe that the news affects my day-to-day life, that it’s hard to write unbiased material, and that it’s impossible to please everyone.

However, as the semester has gone on, a lot of my views on journalism has shifted. I don’t think anyone can be a journalist. A journalist involves being a researcher, a writer, a detective, a constructive thinker, and so much more. Journalism is a lot of work – it’s not just a research assignment written for the masses. I think that I have traits that make me strong as a journalist, and I have learned the dedication required to the craft (especially asking for interviews).

Something that I’ve failed to mention is how our technology evolves so does a lot of our news. I’ve gathered that in this class through reading a lot of articles with multi-media aspects. Additionally, I failed to mention how stories capture interest. What became the biggest challenge for me when writing my feature was “what makes it newsy”? I now look at articles from a different perspective, seeing what gives each it’s edge.


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