Reflecting on “I Believe” Statements

Most of my beliefs about journalism have stayed relatively the same. The biggest difference is my believe that “the biggest problem with journalism today is revenue and a decrease in local journalism.” While this is still a big challenge to producing good journalism, I now believe that the biggest problem facing journalism is the inundation of fake news and the increasingly polarized media. Issues regarding fake news have been talked about a lot recently. News has become harder to trust and this not only hurts journalism, but hurts American democracy in general. The free press is important in keeping public officials accountable, but if the free press fails the people by disregarding ethical journalism the whole system falls apart.

On another note, I really appreciate how this class has opened my eyes to how journalists cover environmental issues. This was a topic I did not usually read about but now I find myself actively looking for environmental news and following journalists on Twitter who cover environmental issues.


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