At the beginning of the semester, I wrote that I thought that my own bias might interfere with my work. I was surprised at how easy it actually was to go into my news story objectively, just asking the reasonable questions- to slip out of that biased mindset. I also wrote that the headline of an article might be the most important part, but I think my opinion has shifted on that- now that I know more about structure, I think that the headline is a pretty simple means of conveying information- it’s the lede that will actually attract and retain interested readers.

One of the other things I touched on at the beginning of the term was that the biggest challenge facing news organizations was inconsistent funding- I didn’t really realize the extent to which that was the case. I was actually a little unnerved by how badly things were going at the Detroit Free Press, how the Detroit News Room was desperately trying to adapt to the web age.


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