I believe, reprise

I believe…

  1. that the role professional news organizations play in my life influence my opinions, whether I realize it or not.
  2. that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is getting out of your comfort zone and doing interviews, however uncomfortable they may be.
  3. that the future of news needs to get really innovative if it hopes to continue to make a profit.
  4. that everyone can be a journalist if they find something that they are passionate about.
  5. that my greatest strength as a journalist is my ability to stay unbiased.
  6. that the best journalism asks the hardest questions and opens people’s minds, not convinces them of one opinion or another.
  7. that the biggest problem with journalism today is how polarizing it is.
  8. that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is the ability to expand onto the internet and text, and profit from advertising.
  9. that interviewing people about news is the most important way to get information to share.
  10. that writing for the general public is hard because there will always be people to don’t believe your story.

About sarahgirard

Student studying environment and applied statistics, spending her time following her love for the outdoors.

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