I Believe, Reprise

Looking back on my answers, I was surprised to see not too much has changed in my thoughts about news. I think the most interesting response is to “The greatest challenge as a journalist is…” to which I replied, “Writing about something I am passionate about while still presenting both sides equally.” I think this is something we talked about pretty regularly in class and how two sides should not always receive equal representation when one is regarded highly and the other is not. More specifically, when writing about climate change, you cannot present the ideas of climate change deniers and then climate scientists as equal, because that is not telling the whole story either. It seems that every bit of news is tied more to politics than I knew when we first started this class. For one reason, perhaps, because I did not read as much news about the environment as I did other topics. For whatever reason, it was a great point of consideration in class that I will continue to consider moving forward from this course. Thanks you all for a fun and interesting semester!


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