I Believe Reflection

I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will likely be replaced by many independent sources of information as technology evolves making information easier to obtain.

I believe that the most challenging part of being a journalist is remaining objective and unbiased in presenting information.

I believe that the future of the news is at risk due to the ease in spreading false news without fact checking.

I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they have a passion for finding the truth and informing people.

I believe that my greatest strength as a journalist is my analytical and quantitative ability ensuring accurate facts and data.

I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is being unbiased and fair in considering all sides of an issue.

I believe that the best journalism is rooted in showing information without an agenda.

I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations is changes in technology and how to take advantage of these innovations.

I believe that a great idea for a new way of delivering news would be to simplify complex topics into understandable pieces news while including all perspectives associated with the topic.

I believe that interviewing people about the news reflects more of their beliefs than the actual reality of the news.

I believe that writing for the general public is vital to effectively preserve knowledge, although many may struggle with it.

After a semester in Environ 320 and reading the “Web Sites That Dig For News Rise As Watchdogs” article my beliefs and knowledge about journalism have been profoundly effected. This article solidifies my idea that new outlets are being replaced more and more by independent sources of news, largely due to the advancements in technology and usage of the Internet. The article provides very interesting insights into the pros and cons of these innovative sources of news. Lower costs and a disrupting a largely established industry of journalism has allowed outlets such as VoiceofSanDiego to reach a large audience but many of these outlets are very reliant on charity to function. These trends can also create problems by jeopardizing the accuracy of information, which can result from lack of credible resources or inexperience from freelance writers. Coming from an academic background geared towards quantitative skill, this course really allowed me to gain an appreciation for writing and nuances that need to be considered to increase effectiveness. In my opinion, the most vital thing I learned from this course is the ability to ask the right questions about a topic. Moving forward, I have gained the skills to be a better consumer of news and ability to identify poorly written or inaccurate information within news.


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