“I believe” Reflection


I believe……

  • that the role professional news organizations play in my life will… become an important way to distinguish “real” from “fake” news
  • that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is… distinguishing fact from fiction
  • that the future of news is… uncertain
  • that everyone can be a journalist if… they have a desire to inform people of objective truths, not push a political agenda
  • that my greatest strength as a journalist is… a desire to always critically think and understand every side of an argument to the best of my ability
  • that my greatest challenge as a journalist is… remaining unbiased in my reporting
  • that the best journalism… can be read and appreciated by anyone, regardless of political affiliation or other identities
  • that the biggest problem with journalism today is… news organizations often appeal to specific demographic or type of person, and will give people “news” that validate their opinions, regardless of how objective or truthful the story is
  • that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is… reaching a vast and immediate audience online
  • that a great idea for a new way of delivering news is… apps that allow people access to entire news organizations online or on their phones, and can send notifications to people about events they care about
  • that interviewing people about news is…. Essential to understanding the way news is shaping our culture
  • that writing for the general public is… difficult


This course has completely changed the way I think about the news and given me an appreciation for journalism that I lacked before.  I remember struggling to answer the question asking what the most challenging part of being a journalist was, which I could now give many different answers to.  I didn’t consider the importance of the structure of a story until taking this class and learning the important role a lede, nut graph, and kicker play in a story.  Through what we have learned in class and working on my news feature, I now have a much greater appreciation for journalism.


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