I believe, reprise

I do not think my beliefs relating to news have changed too much from the first week of class until now. Maybe this is because I wrote super generalized statements. However, my confidence as a journalist has definitely increased since then. For example, I said that interviewing people is challenging and awkward. Now, I still believe this statement is true, but I am more confident and comfortable with interviewing people. I have learned to see it as a researching method where I am collecting data, so seeing it in that viewpoint makes it less awkward to talk to the people. Additionally, writing out questions beforehand makes me more comfortable during interviews. I still believe that a combination of words and pictures is the best way to convey the news, as is exemplified in this article from the scientists vs. journalists week. I still think one of my greatest challenges is that I am very set in my ways and do not often consider other viewpoints, which has definitely been the case when we had speakers come to class and I did not agree with their views. I also think that one of my greatest challenges is that I do not ask follow up questions to provoke more in depth answers, which is something I will continue to work on in the future.


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