Aaron Believes…

Here are a look at my beliefs at the beginning of the year:

“I believe that corporate interests and the news should be separate.

I believe that the best journalism involves a presentation of facts observed and analyzed by the journalist (rather than taking information from other news sources).

I believe that the biggest problem with journalism today is the extreme bias that some news outlets foster rather than searching for the truth.

I believe that journalists should produce articles that allow for the greatest benefit to society (rather than the greatest benefit to the media’s pockets).

I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist is removing my personal bias from coming to conclusions and presenting information.

I believe that some news outlets enhance the polarization of our country and the inability for people on opposite ends of issues to work together to create solutions.

I believe that the general public has a hard time differentiating between factual news and propaganda.

I believe that it is difficult to find reputable news sources.

I believe that writing for the general public requires an ethical obligation that one’s journalism is meant to benefit the general public rather than private interests.

I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will change over the course of this class, and will most likely enhance how news shapes my life.”

Many of my beliefs were based on the need for factual, unbiased journalism. Over the course of the semester, I still retain this idea. However, I now see that news sources have a bottom line as all other industries do. Covering the news story that will reach the biggest audience is the main goal for most outlets. This is not a bad thing, it’s just the way the industry operates.

I agree with some of my other believes. I think that news outlets can be merchants of doubt rather than factual hubs. It’s easy to sniff out bias in most news sources, which – ideally – should not be the case. News should be based on fact.

One thing I disagree with is my worry about finding reputable news. The biggest takeaway from this class is that you need to read a range of news sources to get a full understanding of a topic. Some articles are comprehensive, but controversial topics will always have multiple viewpoints. The challenge is sniffing out the good from the bad.


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