I Believe Reflection

Looking back at the “I Believe…” statements that I filled out at the beginning of the semester, most of the statements have not changed. However, there were a couple of them that stuck out to me as I re-read these statements.

  1. I believe that the future of news lies in the hand of first hand witnesses, who upload live footage of the events on social media.

Although I was not at the visual story telling session (a session that was closely associated with this statement), this statement is particularly true to how journalism can be innovative today. As I stumbled on some media academy sites for one of the modules, I saw that increasingly, leading newspaper such as the New York Times has begun to incorporate 360 degrees viewing of where the story took place as the story is being narrated or ran on the screen. This seems to be the future of news reporting in journalism as it shifts toward providing a completely new, interactive experience for the readers, using sight and hearing.

Lastly, from one of the articles that we read for class, the change of the term “Newspaper” to “News Media” reflects the change that journalism is going through currently as we see more news outlets rely critically on their online viewership, using social media platforms as the middle man to take the audiences to these news sites.


  1. I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will shape my curiosity for both world-related and domestic topics.

This class has undoubtedly provided that experience in that it shapes my curiosity more in issues such as oil and coal. More importantly, the classmates from various disciplines and the speakers that Julia and Emilia invited are contributors to that experience as well. From this class, I learned that one way of bringing different topics to the same table to present it to the readers is via relating these topics to the umbrella of environment since one way or another, environment will have some sort of meaning to everyone’s life. Because of current political climate and possibly due to the media’s idea of prioritization, professional news organization has shifted from enriching readers with curiosity to validating their bubbles.


Lastly, what I lack from my statements was that I failed to realize that journalism is not about always having a comfortable Q&A session with the interviewees. If anything, a journalist should anticipate heat from pitting one interviewee against another.



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