I believe, reprise

At the beginning of the semester, I wrote two statements that I believe are most important to being a successful journalist. 1) The responsibility of journalists it to give an outlet to voices that aren’t heard or are underrepresented. 2) The most challenging aspect of journalism is remaining unbiased while representing a topic through as many lenses as possible. Through writing my news feature, I found that while it was relatively easy to find a variety of sources with different perspectives, it was much harder to remain unbiased and reflect that through my interviews. After meeting with just two genetic counselors, I seemed to form a strong opinion about the risks associated with direct to consumer genetic tests. Overall, most of my views have not changed, but have rather been reinforced from my reporting, field trips, and class discussions throughout the semester. One example of a story bringing forth a platform for an underrepresented minority group is the article Sarah shared on members of a Native American tribe who depend on coal for a living, and are hoping that Trump’s pro-fossil fuels agenda will enable families to support and provide for their children. I believe, now more than ever, it is vital for journalists to uncover the opinions and voices that are often left out of the conversation. Thank you so much for a fantastic semester!



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