I believe, Reprise

Looking back at my I believe statement, there were a variety of things about Journalism that I had no idea about. My main concern, in the beginning, dealt with the rising concern of fake news and its potential impact it can have on our society. While important, this might have been on my mind at the time due to the wide coverage of the topic in the media. Now, after taking this course, I have become aware of some of the intricacies of journalism, including visual storytelling, translating science terminology, and identifying bias in your own writing.

I wrote about my greatest challenge in journalism: the ability to call an individual out on their inconsistencies. I feel I have not addressed this weakness as much as I would have liked. There were times in this course where I failed to ask a question that might come off as uncomfortable to the interviewee. In the future, I hope to gain the confidence to ask the tough questions to obtain the most pure information that can be shared for all.


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