I Believe Reprise

“I believe that the role professional news organizations play in my life will increase as I’m in this class and also as I begin life after school.”  – This statement couldn’t be more true and is augmented by Trump’s agenda to dismantle anything and everything I care for in this country. As an adult it will be important to keep up with the news and be able to have important dialogue and discussion about the stories, what we still don’t know or understand and how we should approach this new information that is entering our social context.

“I believe that the most challenging thing about being a journalist is being neutral.” – Still true, never going to change. Although, it is interesting to see how it is becoming more common that we see journalists try less to find neutrality and simply operate within their bias. I don’t necessarily think that this is good for journalism but it seems to be a growing trend. Obviously this can easily contribute to fake news as salient perceptions in  writing can spoil the way people think about an issue and discuss an issue with others.

“I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they show a passion to know everything about different subjects.”  – This is still true but journalism is definitely a difficult business to be in. It is a lot of hustling and following leads to eventually find your story gold mine. It can feel rewarding and fun but it is rather rigorous and would be quite time consuming as a full-time job I imagine. Something I’m more comfortable maybe trying to do rare free-lance opportunities.


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