I believe, reprise

Looking back on our “I believe” assignment, I do not really think that too many of my beliefs have changed since writing our first draft. I still strongly agree with many of my statements, however, I do think that the only belief of mine that has changed is my response to the ” I believe that everyone can be a journalist if they put in the effort and have a passion for the topics they write about.” I realize now that a journalist does not necessarily have to have a passion for the topics of each article they right. Many journalist are simply good writers and are asked to do articles that may not be of any interest to them. They do still have to put in a great amount of effort to write a compelling article that grabs the interest of readers and keeps them informed, which I mention in other statements that I believe are import to being a journalist. Overall I think the brainstorming we did at the beginning of the semester really helped establish a foundation to being a strong journalist. 


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