I Believe… Revisited

It’s been a reflective process to look back on my initial statements regarding my views about the news. I wouldn’t say that my views have necessarily changed over the course of this semester, but I’ve become aware of additional challenges that news outlets and their journalists face, as well as the new methods they’ve used to reinvent themselves in this digital age. Originally I said that one of the biggest challenges that news faces is how certain political figures have discredited formerly reputable outlets, creating a system in which people rely on only a few sources that directly share their own views. While this point is still relevant, our visits to the Channel 4 newsroom and the Detroit Free Press made me realize something else. There are economic issues, terror attacks, environmental threats, and political underhandedness that abound in news stories, as well as softer issues like the students accepted to every Ivy league institution next fall and video coverage of April the giraffe waiting to give birth. I understand that each of these topics has a variable level of importance, which is relative to the viewer, but news organizations need to carefully balance their time and resources in covering all of these stories. While the doom and gloom, violent stories are certainly attention-grabbing, I don’t think many people want to constantly be surrounded by them. I’ve noticed that when outlets do show more pleasant topics, people jump on them and say they’re no longer serious reporters. Maintaining a balance like this while also maintaining credibility is an impressive feat, and I’m glad I now have a better understanding of what the purpose of news is. It’s to inform, enlighten, and even inspire us in our everyday lives, so we might know and care a little more about what’s going on around the world, while also not being constantly depressed by it. Thank you Emilia and Julie for a great semester and giving me an inside look at the world of journalism.


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