I Believe Reprise

One of my “I Believe” statements from the beginning of the semester reads as follows: “I believe that the future of news is bright, but not without challenge.” After experiencing arguably the most vitriolic presidential campaign in American history and all of the news, good and bad, verified and falsified, that it produced, I wasn’t feeling too keen on journalism when I wrote that sentence. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in respectable reporting anymore, I absolutely did. But I felt overwhelmed by the thought that such reporting may not be reaching as many people as it used to and as it should in order to support an accurately informed population of American voters. After this course, though, I continue to believe that the future is bright, but I don’t find that the challenges it faces are as severe as I once thought. The age of the Internet has brought rapid dissemination of false information, yes, but it can also do the opposite and bring truth to more people than ever before. The “Websites that Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs” article, published by the Times, focuses on several small-scale news sources including VoicesofSanDiego.org, a highly successful online news agency originally run by 11 people, many of whom were young and new to journalism, all of whom valued accuracy and investigative reporting above all else. Reading about budding news sites that care deeply about factual, relevant reporting renews my faith in the future of news. I value that this class has taught me to believe in this industry more than I did before, (which was a decent amount in the first place) and I intend to take that belief with me in the future as a news consumer and as someone considering attending graduate school for journalism.


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