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Fish of the Past Poised for Comeback in Lake Michigan

Kevin Donner, a scientist with the Little Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa Indians (LTBB), devotes a large part of his career, and most of his twitter, to what was in Lake Michigan until recently a forgotten fish. “The Cisco was one of those animals central to tribal existence,” Donner said. “But if you’d asked two […]

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I Believe Reprise

At the start of the semester, I stated that “journalism has the potential to prevent corruption.” I still think journalism plays a critical role in exposing corruption. I also think people have the rights to hear about any occurrence where one in a position of power uses that for self-gain, or irresponsibly. Journalists are often […]

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Trans Abuse in US Detention Centers

This article from Human Rights Watch documents abuse faced by transgender women in the United States, focusing on their experiences in detention centers. People who identify as transgender are already at a higher risk of being sexually abused, and their vulnerability is even greater as immigrants. As the article points out, the United States does […]

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