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Community Solar Is One Solution To Climate Change And Solar Taxes, Energy Experts Say

The Energy Commission of Ann Arbor is pushing for a new method of renewable energy production that will free homeowners from a solar tax and help meet the city’s Climate Action Plan.

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Aaron Believes…

Here are a look at my beliefs at the beginning of the year: “I believe that corporate interests and the news should be separate. I believe that the best journalism involves a presentation of facts observed and analyzed by the journalist (rather than taking information from other news sources). I believe that the biggest problem […]

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EPA Transition Team: the Koch Brothers?

An article published in Reuters highlights Donald Trump’s EPA transition team and each member’s connection to the oil and mining industry. The transition team, according to the article, is tasked with preparing the EPA for new leadership. Overall, the message was clear: this star-studded lineup may foreshadow how the EPA will enforce environmental regulations under […]

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