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Majority of mobile health apps test ineffective in recent study

Rama Mwenesi sits at his desk, Post-it notes with scrawled writing spread haphazardly around him. This is how he plans his day. Mwenesi, 24, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, suffered a traumatic brain injury six years ago after  several severe concussions from boxing. These injuries have permanently affected his short-term memory and ability to organize. Each […]

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Visual Storytelling: A Love Story and Twins for a Combat Veteran Amputee

This New York Times photo essay demonstrates how powerful visuals can be in storytelling. The raw intimacy of this 24-photograph series, with the respective captions, immediately intrigues the reader with the unique challenges and joys of this couple’s relationship. Rachel and Jason, middle school sweethearts, find each other after Jason loses both legs and an arm during his time serving as a minesweeper […]

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