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Despite Uncertainty, Eating Disorder Awareness Groups Advocate for Increased Treatment Coverage

While the thought of a family vacation to Europe would please many college students, the thought of it terrified Sarah Barnitt, 22, student at the University of Michigan. Barnitt was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in November 2015, prior to this trip. “We were eating every meal out. I was always around family, and had little […]

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I believe, reprise

I do not think my beliefs relating to news have changed too much from the first week of class until now. Maybe this is because I wrote super generalized statements. However, my confidence as a journalist has definitely increased since then. For example, I said that interviewing people is challenging and awkward. Now, I still believe […]

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Looking Back on Zika a Year Later

This New York Times article tells about how the response to the Zika epidemic left us with more questions than answers. The article speaks to the dangers we are facing now that there was not a coherent way in which the epidemic was handled. Because tourists and residents were given different advice on how to avoid contracting […]

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