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Student Marijuana Use Rises on University of Michigan’s Campus

As the bars close their doors to the public and the police shut down house parties on a Saturday night at the University of Michigan, Raveena , a twenty-year-old senior, is among the crowd looking to make this night memorable. Standing in the middle of the packed block party on John Street, Raveena sees fellow […]

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I believe, reprise

After having re read my “I believe” statements from the beginning of the semester, I noticed that most of my beliefs were focused on improving the ways the stories were told. Specifically I mentioned the ideas of removing bias, telling the news in an objective way and not tailoring to readers’ beliefs, and even offering […]

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Scott Pruitt Surprisingly Changes EPA Policy Regarding who Can Serve as an Advisor

In an article from the Washington Post , Brady Dennis and Juliet Elperin discuss the recent, unprecedented change that Scott Pruitt, the head administrator for the EPA, made regarding who can serve as an advisor. In articles like these that have political debates at their core, its easy to insert bias into one’s writing while discussing […]

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