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Material Recycling Facility Experience

As I enter the murf in my yellow hardhat and bright orange safety vest, my ears are bombarded with simultaneous sounds of crushing glass, clinking machinery, and sharp, loud bangs. My nostrils are consumed with an unpleasant odor as I make my way through this maize-like structure. Bang. Crush. I look down to see magazines […]

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How News is Presented: Food for Thought

The importance of food is crucial to human survival, but the way food is managed today strikes debates on certain practices done to food and what we as a society are constantly consuming. How that news is presented can make all the difference. 1. The video explaining “The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers” was the most […]

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A Look Into Rachel Morgan’s Everyday Life

One week with Rachel Morgan has changed my entire outlook on what is perceived as a “normal” day for people. I first met Rachel in a dining hall in Ann Arbor where she mentioned her goal of earning a PHD in Immunology and studying arthritis. I have learned a great deal about Rachel from her […]

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