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The Next Generation Science Standards: The Effort to Unite a Polarized Nation through Science

In the last few minutes of class, Ronni Marron’s tenth-grade Earth Science class is quiet. Only the sounds of shuffling papers, the faint scribble of pencils, and the clicking of computers– signaling the students’ progress through an ice core lab fill the room. The classroom however, wasn’t always so quiet. At the top of the […]

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I believe revisited

One of the biggest things that I realized through taking this class is the power of the platform of journalism to challenge people in positions of power and hold them accountable. One of my original “I believe” statements was, “I believe that the future of news is local/community based.” While I still think that there […]

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Can statistics save the world?

The editorial piece published in spring of 2017 by George C. Wang for, utilizes many different peer-reviewed studies and reports to make his case for how adopting a vegan diet can “save the planet”. Wang extensively cites a 2006 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to illustrate the deleterious effects […]

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