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Rise In Cremations Saving Lives Abroad

I remember the last funeral I went to was four years ago. My grandfather had passed away. There was a week-long period of mourning but the day of the funeral, we never left the funeral home. I hadn’t thought about it then, but my grandfather was part of a growing group of people who chose […]

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SmartPark: Smart People, Smart World, Smart Park

Project Title: SmartPark: Smart People, Smart World, Smart Park Requested Amount: $500,000.00 Expected Amount of time to Complete Project: ~ 12 months Team Members: Shivangi Sharma, Emilie Farrugia, Youssef Farran Describe your Project:  From major metropolitan cities to small towns, parking is a daily issue faced by all residents. In New York City alone, drivers […]

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YouTube Viewership to Pass TV Audiences

An article by the Wall Street Journal found that the hours spent by users on YouTube is predicted to surpass the hours spent by individuals watching traditional television. This is due to the algorithms that Google has created to encourage its visitors to continue watching additional videos. Overall, I thought that the information contained some great statistics […]

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