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Is Nate Silver right?

In this Politico article, “Is Nate Silver right?”, Steven Shepard analyzes the famed statistician’s election polling methods on fivethirtyeight.com. Shepard indicates how polls are intended to “bring order to the chaos” and provide a unbiased position on the election status. As someone who is very up to date in the election and checks multiple polls […]

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Presidential candidates’ views on health care

Christina Farr’s article “Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Health care” can be found here. Overall, I thought the article’s structure of providing a short summary of each candidate’s proposal followed by expert opinion was clear and easy to understand. What did you think about this technique– did you think it was effective or was it […]

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Classmates, In order to make the Storfiy as easy as possible to create, I think it might be wise to include a single hashtag in all of our tweets on Tuesday. For example, the Daily is using #umichvotes to search for tweets and create its Storify for the election. We could either use that as […]

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