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I Believe… Journalism Will Survive

I believe‚Ķ I believe that the biggest opportunity facing news organizations today is the access they now have to instant news stories from millions of people around the world. I believe that my greatest challenge as a journalist will be conveying stories and ideas in an unbiased way. I believe that the biggest problem with […]

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Joe Trumpey Profile

University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design professor Joseph Trumpey stokes the fire at his 40-acre plot of farmland just outside of Ann Arbor for his October weenie roast.¬† He directs guests to a self-guided tour booklet that leads them through the rooms of his home, Sandy Acres Farm, where he lives with […]

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Covering the Hot New Energy Story: Hydrofracking

“Fracking,” as it’s called, is being heralded by natural gas developers as a way to cheaply deliver an abundance of energy. And it’s been one of the most extensively reported environmental issues of the past year. But is it the answer to our energy woes, or another danger to the environment? Are journalists doing a […]

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