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When Watchdogs Head To Court: The Complexities of Covering Environmental Litigation

              When environmentalists feel the government isn’t doing enough to clamp down on polluters, they often turn to ligation, filing suit to bring about change. The courts have been a tool for environmentalists to secure victories in all areas, from regulation of greenhouse gas emissions to more strict implementation of waste cleanup standards. The government […]

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The EPA’s Closed Door: Penetrating the Government Bureaucracy

           This week, we’ll get a chance to explore a pivotal government agency first-hand: The EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. Though taxpayer dollars fund government employees, reporters can find it challenging to get the real scoop when looking to government agencies for environmental stories. As many of this week’s readings point out, documents […]

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The Government’s Gatekeepers

One of the greatest challenges you face as an environmental journalist is covering a government agency: The Environmental Protection Agency. This week’s readings focus on the steps journalists must take to get information from the EPA. Science writer Janet Raloff discusses some of the frustrations she experienced when an EPA press conference was cut abruptly […]

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