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The farming sector, antibiotics and human health

In an article from the The Guardian, Fiona Harvey describes how the farming sector tries to reduce the amount of antibiotics used in animal food, as the overuse of antibiotics is thought to be a main cause for human resistance to medicine. In an Article that tackles issues related to human health it is easy to get […]

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The Future of the American Farmer

Eighty degrees and blazing sun is not a typical winter day in Southeast Michigan. It is however good news for Tomm Becker, 33, owner of Sunseed Farms in Ann Arbor. A soft, warm breeze rustles through the last clinging leaves of the giant white oak that stands at the center of his ten-acre property. Strewn […]

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The Story of a Young Farmer

Alex Cacciari, 30, bounced around her kitchen preparing dinner with calloused, weathered hands at the end of a long day working her land. Owning a small organic farm on the north side of Ann Arbor, Cacciari, and her husband Mark Nowak, represent a tiny population of young farmers amidst a generation of “Old-Timers” as she […]

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