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Should we fear GMOs?

Two of the articles this week featured the food topic of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. ┬áThe popular documentary Food Inc., painted a dismal portrait of the world to come with Monsanto and their production of genetically modified seeds. ┬áThere debate about GMOs is not just about public health, but also about economics and efficiencies. […]

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Scientific Research Corrupted: Where to find balanced perspectives?

Dismissing science as a strategy to accept a certain political philosophy or policy is no stranger to the history of our country. In terms of public health initiatives, scientific evidence and studies have been brushed under the rug in order to support an agenda. This manipulation of science is to further some ideas for a […]

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Litigating Genetically Modified Foods

**This is the real blog post for the week, ignore the Prop 3 post. Sorry for the confusion!** The negative effects of genetically modified foods are pretty well known, and yet they continue to be grown and consumed. Here’s an interesting article from the AP about a recent lawsuit against the Fish and Wildlife Service […]

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