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A look at how the University of Michigan profits from ‘hard sciences,’ neglects fundamental research

BY: ALEXA ST. JOHN Girish Kulkarni, a University of Michigan biomedical engineering faculty member, never thought he would be working on business strategies for a product when he graduated from his PhD program in electrical engineering. He graduated thinking he would be working on fundamental research, not on marketing a product of his own. But […]

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Fight Knight: Eye Once Science

Fight Knight Project Group Sarah Gallagher, Shayan Golafshani, Flick Cain, Kallisse Dent, Taha Bashir   Project Title: 10 words  Eye Once Science (or Science At a Glance)  Requested Amount  5,000 dollars Expected Amount of time to Complete Project  1-2 months with a dedicated team Describe your Project: 500 words Our idea is a google chrome […]

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Wait, there are ads on Facebook? Reading question

After years of being a Facebook junkie, I finally stopped after reading this article on Facebook’s implications on the media. I looked on my News Feed and saw the ads. They’re everywhere! I guess they have become white nose to me, which completely supports the point of this article. I don’t go on Facebook to shop, […]

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