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Is Media to Blame?

http://www.poynter.org/2016/letter-to-the-editor-national-not-local-media-whiffed-on-flint-coverage/393583/ ” This commentary from poynter.org “Letter to the editor: Local media didn’t whiff on Flint coverage” by John Hiner focuses on the media’s role in coverage of the Flint water crisis. In this commentary John Hiner discusses how the flint water crisis has been documented and reported on as early as October 2015, […]

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about videos?

Technically, videos are a collection of images in sequence, generating movement. But anyone who has ever seen a movie or a short clip can say that the reality goes way beyond the definition. The possibility of reproducing movement and sounds has amazed human kind since the 19th century. And still now, techniques, tutorials and gadgets […]

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Wait, there are ads on Facebook? Reading question

After years of being a Facebook junkie, I finally stopped after reading this article on Facebook’s implications on the media. I looked on my News Feed and saw the ads. They’re everywhere! I guess they have become white nose to me, which completely supports the point of this article. I don’t go on Facebook to shop, […]

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