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Newsroom Reflection

Visiting The Detroit News and Channel 4 today was a really great experience, putting into perspective how these local organizations work, creating and sharing news constantly.  At The Detroit News, I found it interesting that many of the people in the news meeting were older.  I wonder if there are younger writers and reporters in the different sections […]

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Saving the newspaper industry?

As an industry, the newspaper business is trying to convert print subscribers into both print and online subscribers. Print revenues are dropping with advertisers less likely to invest in a paper that may be more read online than in print. As a child, my father got the Detroit Free Press delivered to our front porch […]

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The Price of News

As I read the articles about newspapers, like the Ann Arbor News that have become only online news outlets, or have significantly reduced their print papers, I began to wonder if this is something to be embraced or something that needs to stop. I thought about my twin brother who is going to be a […]

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