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Enbridge making repairs to Line 5 oil pipelines

http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20171001/news/640901/enbridge-making-repairs-to-line-5-oil-pipelines Chad Livengood published this article on Enbridge Line 5 earlier today, saying that repairs to the pipeline have begun. The article briefly references the “controversial” nature of the pipeline and describes the size of the coating gaps in question before moving on to quote an Enbridge spokesperson assuring the reader that these gaps do […]

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Environmentally Engaged

In the Detroit Free Press’ article, Three years after oil spill, a slow recovery haunts Kalamazoo River, (http://www.freep.com/article/20130623/NEWS06/306230059/), Keith Manery writes about the impact that the oil spill has had on the Kalamazoo River itself, but the communities surrounding the River. The article gives statistics on health effects that the oil spill has had on […]

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Pipeline Coverage in the Media

Watch the video about the Enbridge oil company they display on their website: http://www.enbridge.com/MediaCentre/VideoLibrary.aspx#page:2 What do you think about the way Enbridge represents themselves? Is it truthful? What kind of message do you think the company is trying to send, given the statement they make at the beginning of the video? Oil companies are not given […]

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