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Nothing new: Reporting on Flint water crisis flounders

In January 2016, almost two years after the story of the Flint water crisis began, the Detroit Free Press published a story that added almost nothing new to the conversation. The story has its redeeming elements; it incorporates a highly personal element, including poignant and painful photos of several of its subjects, but fails to capitalize […]

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Reviewing the Quality of Medical Journalism: Hype vs Accurate Reporting

In your own writing, you should think about the goals you are trying to accomplish.One way to start doing that, is by evaluating another author’s work, like we have done with our peer edits. This article gives a “score” to an article written on the New York Times. What score would you give the NY […]

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Climate Change Reporting

We are still at a point in our nations history that we do not unanimously recognize that climate change is happening and that it is being caused by our actions.  Reporting on this issue can be hard, because it is difficult to get many people to care about the environment and see how it connects to their own lives, and more […]

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