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Verbal Coercion and Sexual Assault on College Campuses

The article published by Time sheds light on how college campuses, mainly the University of Michigan, are putting more focus on sexual misconduct and the role of verbal pressure. It explains how schools have found, through surveys, that there is a large population of students who have experienced unwanted sexual activity as a result of verbal […]

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Sexual Assault on Airplanes

Karen Schwartz does a great job reporting in her New York Times article “Recent Incidents Put a New Focus on Sexual Assault on Airplanes.” I chose this article because of its unique approach to covering sexual assault. Though sexual assault has been an increasingly covered topic by the media, stories frequently feature incidents on college […]

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Evaluating the University’s sexual misconduct policy

This Michigan Daily article describes how student Emily Campbell’s case of sexual assault did not result in finding her perpetrators guilty of sexual assault because of the lack of verbal dissent.  The author thoroughly reports on the incident, results, and complications which resulted in a lengthy article.  I found the sectioning to be helpful to […]

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