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The First Black Marines

What do a one hundred and thirty four year old fruitcake and Black Marines have in common? Well, actually, they are two stories reported on by Eric Seals of the Detroit Free Press. I had the opportunity to attend the annual Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Flint, MI this week. The highlight of the […]

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Climatologists: The Broken, the Brash, and the Emotional

John Richardson’s piece on the actuality of climatologists had an array of merits that made me want to read until the end. However, I was lacking a strong, concise lede to kickstart the paper, and within the first paragraph, I was scrambling for a “what” and a “why”. It starts with describing a main figure, […]

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A Look Into Rachel Morgan’s Everyday Life

One week with Rachel Morgan has changed my entire outlook on what is perceived as a “normal” day for people. I first met Rachel in a dining hall in Ann Arbor where she mentioned her goal of earning a PHD in Immunology and studying arthritis. I have learned a great deal about Rachel from her […]

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